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Patient and Public Involvement

A PPI panel should be set up at the planning and design stage of your intervention. Here’s how to implement a PPI group and some useful resources to support you in this process. 

Implementation of physical activity research findings into routine clinical practice involves developing and testing approaches to change the behaviour of both system users and health professionals. This will be equally true when implementing effective interventions and stopping ineffective interventions. PPI should play a particular role in the process of applying research knowledge during planning and implementation phases.

Patient and public involvement is about ensuring that health care is patient-centred, and that feedback from patients and the public is used to develop, monitor and improve services. Input in developing services will ensure those are suitable for their population and tailored to their needs.

The following seven principles of involvement should be implemented, when possible, to ensure that the needs of patients and the public are captured:


Participants will be broadly representative of the affected population and their carers


Efforts will be made to overcome barriers such as issues of access or communication

Early and continuous

Patients will be involved as early as possible in a process/activity and continue to be involved throughout


Those involved will be able to see and understand how decisions are made

Clarity of purpose

The nature and scope of involvement will be defined prior to involvement

Cost effectiveness

Involvement must add value and be cost effective


The outcomes of PPI activities will be fed back to other stakeholders


PPI Governance Matrix

You can use this matrix as a guide and checklist to help you with your Governance framework.

Terms of Reference

This terms of reference document sets out the nature and scope of the group, and the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the PPI group

Meeting agenda template

This is a template agenda for a PPI group meeting.