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The art of conversation

Active Conversations is a practical, evidence-based online learning course developed by clinicians, for clinicians that teaches you how to have quick, effective and positive conversations that encourage patients to do more physical activity. We have two courses available, a Foundations course, accredited with 6 CPD points and a Full course which incorporates Foundations and is accredited with 16 CPD points

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Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

You avoid talking to patients about behaviour change because you know it will take more time than you’ve got

A long conversation doesn’t mean a good conversation, and a short one certainly doesn’t mean an ineffective one. We break down conversation frameworks into 1, 5, and more minute chunks to help you have a positive impact – no matter how much time you have.

MM-Icons-Defensive patient
You find it awkward to bring up increasing levels of physical activity without patients becoming defensive

It sometimes ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it. Active Conversations will help you learn how to build a collaborative and productive conversation by uncovering your patient’s own reason for change.

You hear “yes, but…” a lot when you try to encourage behaviour change

Learn our top tips for turning a “Yes, but” into a “Yes, and”, encouraging a more positive dialogue which is more likely to succeed.

Learn how to


Keep conversations quick and effective


Have engaging, comfortable conversations that increase patients’ confidence


Help people find motivation by understanding what matters to them


Avoid common conversational traps like “Yes, but…”

How it works – Active Conversations Full Course


Our flexible online course is comprised of 6 modules over 12 weeks, all learning materials are included to help you have better conversations.


Each module contains practical concepts, demonstrations, strategies and scripts to help you practice your active conversation skills.


Peer support

Learning with others is a key element of the course. Our discussion forums allow you to reflect on your progress, ask questions and support others.

Skill progression

Gain the skills and confidence to have brief conversations and guide patients towards improved health and a more active lifestyle.


Developed for clinicians by clinicians. We understand what this means for daily clinical practice, and have designed the course accordingly.

Why it matters

Many of us know that our patients’ lives could be so much better if they move a just a little more. How do we best go about helping them with this important lifestyle change in our busy clinics and time-limited consultations?

The Active Conversations course has been designed by clinicians to help you get better at exactly this.

See how we’ve designed the course

What’s in it for you?


Earn CPD points

You can achieve 16 of your CPD points with this online course.


A bit less stress

Make your conversations more productive and less stressful.


Save time

Better managed and brief conversations can help keep your day on time.


Make change happen

Helping patients to make a little change can make a big difference.

Definitely has been a worth while course and has opened my eyes to a different approach to tackling problems not just for physical exercise but other aspects of health care

Hazel Coburn, Midwife, NHS

This style and approach will make conversations so much easier by giving patients the responsibility for their health and realising that it is okay if they are not ready to change

Hendriette Knowles Community Liason Officer, South Oxfordshire District Council

Thank you for this experience, I have certainly had my eyes opened!

Dr Jill Neale, Junior Doctor NHS

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