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COPD – Improves Balance/Falls

Evidence Summary

There are few cross-sectional and observation studies showing improved balance

Quality of Evidence

Grade C – low quality. Evidence comes from case-control and observational studies

Strength of recommendation

Grade 2 – Weak recommendation. On the basis of the existing evidence, some patients will be best served by following this piece of evidence. In the context of values-based decision making, fully informed patients may choose alternative options


Weak recommendation, that is not likely to be appropriate for some patients in some circumstances

  1. Beauchamp, 2012, Chest2

BESTest score: Correlation coefficient: 0.40 with self-reported physical activity (PASE); p=0.008

Standardized regression coefficient: 0.341 for self-reported physical activity (PASE); p=0.033

(Cross-sectional study, self-reported physical activity, 37 participants)

  1. Roig, 2011, Respir Med3

Falls: Mean (95% CI) in PASE score: 109 (92 to 126) in non-fallers vs. 86 (66 to 106) in fallers; p=0.1

(6 month observational study, self-reported physical activity, 101 participants)