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Cancer – Improves menopausal symptoms

Evidence summary (Updated 2022)
There is 1 good quality RCT which demonstrates a significant reduction in menopausal symptoms in patients following breast cancer treatment.(1)
A recent review of the literature found no studies reporting on the effects of menopausal symptoms in cancer patients undergoing physical activity interventions.

Quality of evidence
Grade B – Moderate

Strength of recommendation
2 – weak

One good study has shown PA to be of benefit in patients with breast cancer, but further RCTs are needed; however, there is likely to be an overall benefit from exercise. While the cancer specific evidence is sparse, the evidence supporting the role of physical activity in menopause in the general population is much larger and further information is available in our Menopause consultation guide.


  1. Furmaniak AC, Menig M, Markes MH. Exercise for women receiving adjuvant therapy for breast cancer. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 9:5001.