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Cancer – Helps lymphoedema

Evidence summary (Updated 2022)
Post treatment
Lower risk of lymphoedema (2 RCTs) were reported from a systematic review(1).
In a recent review of the evidence 7 reviews were shown to have a definite positive effect on the reduction of lymphoedema in breast cancer patients undergoing physical activity or exercise interventions(2–8).
Four of 7 reported on interventions during and post treatment(2–4,6). Three studies reported on improved lymphoedema with PA interventions following cancer treatment(5,7,8).
When considering the intervention type studies considered multiple or combination physical activity/exercise interventions(6,7). Combined aerobic and anaerobic activities were evaluated(3). Other individual interventions shown to be effective included anaerobic/resistance training(2,8), Nordic walking(4), and Yoga(5).

Quality of evidence
B – Moderate quality

Strength of recommendation
2 – Weak

The benefit of reducing lymphoedema in patients post treatment in breast cancer would be advised however more evidence is needed.


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