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Can reduce tremor (Parkinson’s evidence)

Evidence Summary
Intensive rehabilitation is effective in improving motor symptoms
Evidence summary: Some evidence is available about general improving in motor function with activity but this good trial suggested that intense physiotherapy led activity improved motor function in a similar way in both group of patients with tremor dominant PD and akinetic-rigid PD including tremor [1].

Quality of Evidence
C – This was a good-sized study but there was no comparison with patients who did not undergo treatment.

Strength of Recommendation
1 – The benefits were significant in the group of patients who had tremor symptoms.

Regular specified activity guided by a physiotherapist may improve motor function including tremor

[1] Frazzitta et al. Effectiveness of intensive rehabilitation treatment on different Parkinson’s disease subtypes. NeuroRehabilitation; 2013; vol. 33 (no. 2); p. 299-30